1ASIABET is now recruiting Affiliates! The 1ASIABET Affiliate program provides professional and dedicated support to all 1ASIABET Affiliates and it entails absolutely no Affiliate sign-up costs!

How do I become a 1ASIABET Affiliate?

Getting started in 3 easy steps:

1. Contact 1Asiabet Affiliate Team https://www.facebook.com/1asiabetaffiliate 2. Provide Necessary Information 3. Wait for the Interview Appointment 4. Wait for Agent Account


1. Proven record of being an Affiliate/Agent for a similar industry platform
2. Or proven record with great experience in digital marketing

Commission Plan

Commissions are based upon our good-faith calculation, based on our chart and conditions.


1. Min 3 active members per week (min bet of P100 per week) (Active members mean, each member must bet at least P100 "PER WEEK") 2. Each active member must have a min of a P100 deposit 3. Agent need not bear Losses, losses if any, will be brought forward to the following week

Active Players (Definition)

1. Active players mean they had made at least a total deposit of P100 or more. 2. Had bet a min of P1,000 on the settlement week.

Report & Payout

1. Agents can read their Profit & Loss report from the system directly 2. Computation and Payout will be updated to the Agent account on Sunday (by 2 am) of each week. 3. Agent can withdraw money 24/7 thru the system.

Commission Rate Chart (1ASIABET interpretation basis as final and binding).

Here is a simple formula that explains how Affiliate commissions are calculated:

Note: If less than 3 active customers, the commission will not be calculated;

Example 1:

If Company Net Win is PHP20,000, active customers lesser than 3 (<3), No commission;

Example 2:

If Company Net Win is PHP5,000, active customers more than 3 (>=3) but less than 5, Commission = 5,000 x 30%;

Example 3:

 If Company Net Win is PHP600,000, active customers more than 5 (>=5) but less than 10, Commission = 600,000 x 35%;

Example 4:

If Company Net Win is PHP600,000, active customers lesser than 5 (<5), Commission = 600,000 x 30%;