1ASIABET provides E-Lottery games from 2D, 3D, 4D, 6D, KENO, STCOK, and Foreign Lottery for players who love to use small wagers to win big prizes. We have more than 10 years in the Online Lottery business and has gained great review from our players. We offer good odds and attractive prices for a good lottery betting experience.


The biggest advantage of the 1AsiaBet E-Lotto is its convenience. We have an optimized website that works on all browsers, and to allow players to bet at any time, 1Asiabet has launched its 1 Min, 3Min and 5mins turbo draw for E-Lotto Enthusiasts 24 hours a day.


At 1asiabet you can find a wide range of E-LOTTO games with high payout such as 2D. 3D & 4D. You can win as high as 1 pays 7000 in 4D, 1 pays 800 in 3D, and 1 pays 90 in 2D. All games come with turbo draw where you can play every mon – wed – fri


1asiabet offers better odds than other online casinos for our 6D E-LOTTO, which allows players to get the highest profit return results if they win. 6D-E-LOTTO Draws on every Tue, Thur, Sat with the highest payout of 1 pay 9500


Lottery is a game of luck that requires players to predict what numbers will come out. 1Asiabet operates Lao, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia official lottery. Each payout can go as high as 1 pay 9000


1AasiaBet offers a wide range of game types in KENO from Big / Small to Odd-Even to Parlay and 5 elements. Players can select the type of games that is suitable for them. At present, we operate KENO from Canada, Greece, Taiwan, New Zealand Beijing, and Slovakia counter.


You can bet on STOCK Lottery with confidence at 1Asiabet, the draw is open from Monday – Fri. At present we operate 12 different Index for betting. Players inputs 1 or more combination of 2 numbers from 0 to 9. To win, the numbers selected must match the last 2 digits of the results in the exact order.


1. If you do not have a 1ASIABET account, you need to register first, click on the top right corner to register or the button below to log in.

2. After logging in, click on the lottery selection on the top menu.

3. Select the game type of lottery you want to place your wager on.

4. Each lottery game has its rules and previous lottery results.
5. Place the amount you wish to wager and wait for the result.
6. All wager will be provided with an electronic receipt. You can check back anytime.